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Wicked Intentions: Number 1 in series. Notorious Pleasures: Number 2 in series.

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To Desire A Devil: Number 4 in series. Elizabeth Hoyt lives in central Illinois with her husband, two children and three dogs. Visit her at www. The Great Gatsby Unbound. When the Duke Returns. An Affair Before Christmas. A Kingdom For The Brave.

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Katherine: The classic historical romance. Down by Tobacco Dock. The Gates of Midnight. Not a Bird Will Sing. The Spoiled Earth: Book One. The Silence of Strangers. Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2. Hugh has completed his degree and has a bright future ahead of him. For Mary, she faces a bleaker Christmas. It will be her first without her beloved father, and she will be alone. A mislaid book sees Hugh returning to the university in time to discover the secret that Mary has been keeping from him. She has been evicted from her long-time home. Hugh is outraged at the treatment Mary has received, but while he is busy being angry, his sister Adelaide steps in and invites Mary to spend Christmas with the Radley family at Strathmore Castle in Scotland.

Verity is the brains of the outfit in the sense that she takes care of all the practicalities and then some , while Nathan, who is just twenty, indulges his radical sentiments by writing increasingly seditious polemics which she fears will land him in prison in the not too distant future. Sebastian makes it work here, showing just how well Verity and Ash know each other and how deeply they care in small but important ways I loved that Ash always had a spare hairpin or three in his pocket and imbues their relationship with such visceral longing that it leaps off the page.

Ash is a gorgeous beta hero who hides his insecurities behind a veneer of impassivity but who feels deeply. After a childhood being passed from pillar to post, fostered by one family only to be passed on after suffering an epileptic seizure, he eventually went to a charity school where one of his schoolmasters recognised his artistic talent and arranged for him to be apprenticed to an engraver. I enjoyed the book overall, even though I had a few niggles with the way things played out. The writing is excellent and the principals are refreshingly different; Verity is bisexual and makes no secret of it , pragmatic and somewhat grouchy, while Ash is more even-tempered and is an utter sweetie and a virgin to boot.

Apr 16, Sam AMNReader rated it it was ok Shelves: prickly-heroine , sexy-hairpins , read-in , friends-to-lovers , maybe-it-s-us , really-just-ok , sweet-hero , sibling-best-friend. There's so much Cat Sebastian does right, but in the second installment of the Regency Imposters, tension is missing.

Everything ends up feeling "Leave it to Ash to spend a fortnight courting the meanest cat in London. Everything ends up feeling a bit shallow. The characters started to feel strangely one-dimensional yet inconsistent.

It was an odd reading experience. View all 9 comments. It's Cat Sebastian Mar 06, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , There's far too much cheese for you to eat on your own. This was a seduction.

Publisher Description

She was being seduced with cheese and lewd drawings and she could not be happier about it. To quote Marie Kondo, "This sparks joy. Her books never fail to make me feel warm and fuzzy, and th "Be serious, Plum. Her books never fail to make me feel warm and fuzzy, and this was no different. They've known each other for years, and each has harbored a secret crush for the other. As an orphan, Ash grew up being shuttled from place to place due to his guardians not understanding his epilepsy.

He struggles with abandonment issues and fears that any move he makes on Verity will ultimately result in losing her—in part due to her dislike for marriage. Fans of friends-to-lovers romances and slow burn romances will find a lot to love here. Together Ash and Verity have the ease that only comes with the deepest of friendships, but there's still plenty of tension as they navigate their feelings for each other and what it means for their friendship.

Ash would give the shirt off his back, everything he owned, to help the people he cares about. Verity, on the other hand, is delightfully prickly. She doesn't particularly care for other people, or rather for dealing with the complex feelings that happen when you start to deeply care for another person. As the two grow more intimate, Verity loves that Ash feigns nonchalance around her and it helps her adjust to their changing relationship. One of my favorite things about Sebastian's books are that there is essentially always a grump and a cinnamon roll, and I loved Ash's giving nature matched with Verity's practical and no-nonsense attitude.

These are characters who support each other without ever trying to change the other—which becomes even more important as Ash's social status changes with the surprising discovery that he's the heir to a dukedom. There are some fun twists and turns to that plotline that I won't reveal here, but I will say it takes a dramatic turn at the end that I loved. As usual for Sebastian, the flirting here is top notch.

There are erotic drawings being shared, cheese plates, and some light bondage. What's not to love?

Romance Author Ava Stone Regency Romps and Scandalous Twists

Verity's last relationship was with a woman—readers who follow this series have met her ex before and will likely be as excited as I was to learn more about her. There are also queer relationships present in side and background characters. On a rating scale, I think this falls closer to a 3. But I round up because Sebastian always delivers exactly what I'm looking for in her books. I'd definitely recommend this to her fans, but I'd suggest newbies start with the Turner series my personal favorite.

Mistletoe and Kisses – Winter Wishes – Regency Anthology

Apr 22, Ashley rated it liked it Shelves: books-about-writers , naughty-bits , class-gender-race , lgbtqia , romantical , anglophilia , chekhov-s-spinster. I'm having trouble with this one! On the one hand, I liked it. On the other, I thought it needed just a little something else. I never really cared the way I should have, the way I've cared about her other characters in past books. Verity Plum is a publisher and bookseller; John Ashby is an engraver.

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They have known one another for ages, and always a low-simmering attraction they've both ignored has been present. Both for different reasons have been scared to change their dynamic.

Regency Series

But then a ser I'm having trouble with this one! But then a series of events occur that convince both of them to give in, just for a little while. As the title may imply, Ash discovers he's the lost heir to a duke, after believing his whole life he'd been abandoned by his family, some illegitimate by-blow, crippled and thrown in the gutter he has epilepsy, which was NOT understood back then.

And Verity, newly successful publisher and sole creator of The Ladies Register , has just had to send her brother to America for his own protection, as she and Ash both thought his activities and published works were becoming so seditious the Redcoats were bound to come for him soon, and prison, or execution would be the result. I'm not sure whether that affected my rating here, but I don't think it did.

And, I think, for similar reasons.