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Parents interest, good taste, and discretion should be the influencing factor. Literacy begins by reading to children, but is developed over the years when great literature is available for their listening and reading enjoyment. The best children's books are filled with imagination and fun. Stories that take children into a world of delight and adventure present storytelling at its best. Children need stories for pleasure, laughter, and fun. Many times they need imaginative and nonsensical stories that may not have a scrap of useful information or lesson, but cheerful and delightful lunacy.

As a mother duck begins to cross a bridge, four of her ducklings follow, but when the fifth duckling rushes to catch up, it is blown into the river by a gust of wind. Children will love the colorful illustrations and a fun introduction to counting. Papa finds them a safe place to hide from a circling hawk, protects them from the rain, and intervenes with a bullying bunny.

Underneath all the adventures Papa shows his little one that he will always be there. Bear likes a tidy home, and cleans daily with his stuffed friend, Ursa. They cleaned inside and out. It was on such a day that Bear found something odd. In his effort to find the pesky house guest, Bear topples furniture and Ursa suffers an injury. Kids will love the friendly-looking spider knitting an afghan, painting a picture, reading a book, and especially the final image of the three reading together.

Adults will appreciate the theme of unlikely friendships that come in all shapes and sizes. When his friend, Pointy, badly needs a hug, Tiny realizes that his arms are just too small to reach around his friend.

Thirsty Classics: “The Children’s Hour” Is All About Shirley MacLaine’s Hair

Refusing to let physical restrictions hold him back, Tiny uses strategy, training, and persistence, to hug everything from a flower, to an ice cream cone and cactus. I could hug anything I wanted. Themes: Adventure, Dinosaurs, Friendship, Humor. Denise, illus. Written to reassure middle children of the special place they occupy in the family, this sweet picture book portrays the benefits and issues that they face.

Middle children know how to assert themselves with important opinions at times and negotiate arguments when needed. Sometimes they lead, sometimes they follow, and sometimes they forge their own way. Themes: Animals, Families, Friendship, Humor. Ordinary and staid people, the Watsons are mostly content, until one day they yearn for something different. Wrapped in a blanket, given a baby bottle full of warm milk, burped, and still hungry, Mercy spies the buttered toast just out of the toaster and runs for it.

Themes: Animals, Families, Humor, Pets. A small robin fledgling considers the pros and cons of his first flight and decides to give flying a pass. A gentle shove from mom causes a clumsy fall from the nest, a slide down a tree branch, and a landing near a cat. Good grief! Kids will love the delightful rhyming text and the charming illustrations.

Endpapers contain information on the many challenges baby birds face, a literary connection on reading aloud, and STEM activities. The pot sat in a window. The window looked out at the empty desert. It was hot, dry, peaceful, and quiet. Just the way Hank liked it. Crabby, rude, and downright unfriendly, Hank rejects all attempts at friendliness, whether from Rosie the tumbleweed, a tortoise, a rabbit, a coyote, a lizard, or an owl.

More by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

After a cup blows by and sticks to him, Rosie helps knock it off, Hank reciprocates by growing a flower, and gives it to Rosie. She savored the stillness of the morning as she sipped her Darjeeling. She loved the soft rustle of the newspaper as she turned its pages. In spite of the noisy and exhausting job, the little one grows up and eventually flies off with a passing flock. Kids will love this gentle and charming tale of adoption, letting go, and returning home.

Themes: Animals, Families, Heroes, Humor. Berlin, illus. And so did the Mitsy-Bitsy Spider. And the Litsy-Plitsy Spider. And the Witsy-Ditsy Spider. However, when the rain begins, Hugely-Wugely realizes that his friends are in trouble from the water and muck in the drain. Themes: Adventure, Heroes, Humor, Insects. This meat is tough. Too cold! Too sour! Too smelly! The hungry king proceeds to show Wobbly how to catch fish, dig and chop up vegetables, cook, and set the table, with skills he probably never knew he had. In the process they work together, share a tasty meal, and Bob gets congratulated on a job well done.

Kids will love looking for the small, pink-eared mouse on each page as well as the royal kitty waiting for scraps. When five chickens are adopted by a city-dwelling family, everyone gets more than they bargained for in raising backyard chickens.

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Sophie and Winston, help their parents build a chicken coop, roll in the dirt with the chickens, play music for them, and read to them. In spite of the encouragement, the chickens leave poop instead of eggs. When the children begin finding eggs, they realize something is wrong. The colorful characters from Tops and Bottoms Harcourt return in a hilarious trickster tale involving a cranky bear, a wily fox, a helping friend, an egg, a watermelon, and a donkey.

Bear sits on the egg, keeps it warm, rocks it, and tells it stories, until one day disaster strikes and the egg rolls away and smashes.

the passionate moviegoer: "The Children's Hour," eight decades later

Realizing all along it was a watermelon, Bear and his friend, Hare, hoodwink Fox by planting the seeds, selling the resulting melons, buying a young donkey, and convincing Fox that the egg did indeed produce a donkey. Kids will enjoy the amusing sidebars that present fun facts. A mama hummingbird takes about a week to build her tiny nest, which is the size of a Ping-Pong ball. Diego Pol, illus. One summer morning in Patagonia, Argentina, while searching for a lost sheep, a local gaucho and his sheepdog discover a mysterious mound in the dirt, which turns out to be the largest dinosaur discovery to date.

Two paleontologists, Dr. Diego Rol, and their team excavate and uncover more than bones. Carefully they preserve, transport to a museum, replicate, and build an exact replica of a new species, Patagotitan mayorum. Dinosaur lovers will also enjoy the wonderful artwork of Florencia Gigena, especially a jacket poster of the massive Titanosaur. Themes: Adventure, Animals, Dinosaurs, Nonfiction. When the beloved dog of an aggressive local radio and TV news personality goes missing, a local mountain lion is quickly accused of the murder, and a bounty is offered for the lion.

Teddy feels that the lion may have been framed for murder, and is asked by an agent of the Department of Fish and Wildlife to investigate. Kids will love the penguin fish-cannon feedings and the crazy, humorous way bounty hunters are thwarted. Those who are young and young at heart will enjoy the delightful, humorous, and rhyming world of 3, colorful Wimbley Woos think trash cans , Ella, a theatrical stuffed Elephant, Dr.

Desperate to return home, Fidge and Graham join forces with Ella, Dr. Kids who love toys that come to life will love the timid, silly, smart, strong, and wise Wimblies, who only speak in rhyme. Wed Wabbit with its lessons on patience, understanding, the value of teamwork, and overcoming fears is a classic in the making. When captured by two criminals, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater, Jemmy is mistaken for the prince, as Brat never learned to read and write.

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After escaping outlaws and soldiers, they meet several friends along the way Petunia the dancing bear , climb through rat infested sewers, and finally decide to trust each other. Colorful characters, dangerous adventures, rollicking plots, and unlikely friendships make this Newbery Medal winner a keeper for all ages. Living a double life, she is always observant and prefers living in the shadows.

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With the store hanging in the balance and an art thief on the loose, Simone begins to question everything, including her concealed life as a songbird. Readers will enjoy the exciting and satisfying conclusion where mystery, art, and music collide, and perhaps await another Simone LaFray mystery?

Themes: Adventure, Families, Heroes, Mysteries. Twelve-year-old Griffin Sharpe has the most incredible ability to notice everything around him, including the number of stairs he just climbed, the number of breaths he took during a recent conversation, and whether the man across the street brushed his teeth that morning. When Griffin is sent to London to visit his curmudgeonly uncle for the summer, he discovers that Rupert Snodgrass lives next door to the famous Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately his uncle detests Holmes and views him as a hated competitor. After a woman asks for their help in finding her husband, who she claims was eaten by the Loch Ness Monster, Rupert jumps at the chance to solve the case and forms a temporary alliance with Griffin.

Themes: Adventure, Families, Mysteries, Series.

She is liar romantically attached to her own lies. He is related to the tell-tale Mary, and to her grandmother, whom he begs not to proceed with the defamation of the women.